Patent attorney
Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Schmorl

Accredited representative before:
• the German Patent and Trademark Office

Benjamin Schmorl studied automotive engineering at Berlin Technical University with a focus on vehicle dynamics, engine technology, stress-oriented construction and lightweight construction. In the course of subsequent scientific work at the Institute of Mechanics at Berlin Technical University, he was involved in teaching in the field of technical mechanics and in research work, particularly in the area of joining processes (including high-temperature brazing connections) and forming processes. In addition, he obtained his PhD in the field of lateral dynamics of single-track vehicles.

Benjamin Schmorl has been working in the field of intellectual property since 2016 and as a patent attorney since 2020. The main focus of his work concerns the filing and enforcement of industrial property rights before the German Patent and Trademark Office. His technical fields concern, among others, automotive and rail vehicle technology, vehicle safety, mechanical engineering, medical technology and coordinate measuring technology. Mr. Schmorl has a special interest in FTO researches.